A great senior season

I always enjoy my seniors and this year is no exception. They have been a fun, interesting, unique and always attractive bunch! Here are a sampling from recent shoots:

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Kayliana P.

Kayliana used to be in a carpool I drove in middle school for my daughter’s class. She was and still is an upbeat girl, always happy and positive. I really enjoyed spending time with Kayliana and her mom on a recent evening at Coulon Beach Park.


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Austin H.

I met Austin and his mom on Capitol Hill in Seattle, a very hip, happening place. You could tell how hip it was because I was the one who stood out as totally not belonging!! Austin fit right in though, because these are his stomping grounds; he knows all of the music venues and ins and out of the neighborhood. I loved all of the funky settings we had to work with.

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Colleen S.

Colleen is one of those girls who is just unconsciously, naturally cool. From her Ray-Bans to her boots, Colleen is the very definition of hip. I loved that she chose Luther Burbank Park for her pictures, a place with a wide variety of settings and where she and her family had spent many happy hours.ldz-20140729--107-Edit ldz-20140729--111-Edit ldz-20140729--127-Edit ldz-20140729--142-Edit-Edit

For this shot, I used my new Petzval lens:ldz-20140729--153-Edit-Edit ldz-20140729--171-Edit ldz-20140729--73-Edit-Edit

Rachel R.

I remember Rachel from when she was in a Girl Scout troop that I helped co-lead. She was a sweet girl then and she is a sweet girl now – completely adorable.  I had a great time with her recently at a nearby park.


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Sammy D.

Of course, the first thing you notice about Sammy is her beautiful coloring – her cornflower blue eyes and her golden hair. But when you know get to know Sammy, you realize just how smart this girl is, and what a hard worker she is. I thought the beautiful pastures were a perfect backdrop for her!


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Sabrina L.

Sabrina is a senior at Bellevue High School and lives in the charming neighborhood of Beaux Arts. It is a magical village where you feel you have either stepped back in time, or have been transported to Hobbit-land. And Sabrina is just as delightful as her neighborhood. I had a great time with Sabrina strolling the roads and paths of the village to the local beach.

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Grace M.

Grace had been in ballet since she was three years old and it showed with every step she took. She had poise and elegance in spades, all very unconsciously. I kept thinking how aptly named she is!


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Sydney P.

Sydney is about to enter her senior year at Forest Ridge. I’ve known Sydney since she was in the 6th grade, and she has always had these “to-die-for” eyes. I keep seeing a resemblance to Scarlett Johansson when I look at these!! Sydney had spent a lot of time at Coulon Park and wanted to have her pictures done there. I thought it was a terrific place! It fit her bright personality and had a lot of meaning for her.



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TJ – Sammamish Senior

I have known TJ since his mom pulled him and his twin sister around in a little red wagon. TJ was an easy-going kid back then and he’s an easy-going guy now, really down-to-earth. Which is why when TJ talked of his summer job transporting bees for a bee keeper, and maybe a future in organic farming, it all made sense for him. We chose a spot that had a community garden spot nearby. He looked very at home!

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